Ирина Кова

Irina Kova


The art of small talk


In her book Irina reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk. She gives practical advice and discusses useful topics. She teaches how to turn every conversation into an opportunity for success.

Social climbing for Dummies


In her book Social climbing for Dummies, Irina examines the phenomenon of social climbing from sociological and psychological perspectives, explaining it to the reader with examples in a simple and understandable language.



´In my book I wanted to highlight the values ​​of modern high society in all its glory, to outline the obstacles which await those seeking status and recognition and warn them against possible mistakes, and, most importantly, against losing their own selves.´
Irina Kova


”It’s a love story trying to find its place in a society wherevalues and mores are irreversibly at odds. Interesting character types: old-money aristocrats, nouveaux riches, wannabies, self-made women and oligarchs are at home in this world of fashionable resorts, luxury yachts and fake Rothko paintings.”

”Thackeray's Vanity Fair lives on today in a world where economic parameters remain the index of people's true worth, taking precedence over the content of their hearts. Tash, whose goal in the beginning is to fit in, understands by the end of the novel that the prize so many set their lives on is not worth winning. She discovers the pricelessness of sincere human feelings and the pre-eminence of love.”

“The best reading for people who want to understand the values ​​of the modern society.”

"A brilliant panorama of the modern life of the upper class with all its secret vices."